Open Source FAQ

What type of projects are hosted at

Any kind of project can be hosted on, including web apps, mobile apps, scripts, etc. The only requirements are that it is:
  • Free to download/install
  • Easy to use
  • Well documented
  • Saves teachers time or money, or gives them useful insight into how their students are learning.
All projects hosted on are open-source, under the Apache 2.0 license.

What does offer developers?

  • A Subversion code repository for your project (hosted on, with a well documented KB site ( to get you started.

  • The ability to host a homepage for your tool (e.g. See the KB article on website hosting.

  • A community of enthusiastic teachers and developers that can help contribute to, and test your tool!

Who can work on

Anyone can contribute their own project to edCode, or help work on an existing one. Email to get started. 

What's the development process like?

These KB articles will help get you started:

Can I monetize my code, even if it's open-source?

Toosl hosted on have to be free to use. But you can still earn revenue from them in other ways. See the KB article on Monetization.