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Who Can Contribute to Flubaroo:

New to the Flubaroo open-source project, and want to contribute? Great!

Anyone can help out, though experience in these areas is a plus:

  • Familiarity with basic HTML, including form submission and server side processing.
  • Background in programming, with exposure to object oriented languages.
  • Some previous exposure to JavaScript would help.

If you would like to get involved, then just email Dave ( Include some information about yourself, your coding background, and anything you'd like to work on specifically. Dave will get you setup.

IMPORTANT: If you are a Google employee, working on this open-source project, then you must get your patches approved first, following the process defined at go/osspatching. All patches are copyright Google.

Getting the Code:

The latest Flubaroo code is maintained via a Subversion repository on See the KB article on checking out code for more on Subversion, and the code repository.

You can also see the latest code by installing Flubaroo from the Script Gallery, and then opening the Script Editor (Tools -> Script Editor).

Development Environment:

Once you have the latest code from the repository, you'll then need to copy these files into the script editor of a spreadsheet, where you'll make and test your changes. This will look something like:

The Script Editor is the primary (and only) way to develop Google Apps Scripts. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to transfer files back and forth between the editor and your local svn repository. The only method is to copy/paste the contents back and forth between files.

Once you've made your changes, you'll want to test them. See the page on Testing Changes for more.

Submitting Changes:

Once you're ready to share your changes, copy everything (copy/paste) back into the files in your local svn repository. Update your code (svn update). If there were any updates, be sure to incorporate them and retest your changes, if needed.

For information on how to commit, see the KB article on how to commit.

Note that submitting via Subversion doesn't mean your changes will go live to the actual Flubaroo tool. Once ready, new versions of Flubaroo are pushed out to the Google Script Gallery by, based on the relevant code from the repository.