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Flubaroo - Grading Made Easy

Flubaroo is a Google Apps Script that enabled easy grading and analysis of assignments given via Google Forms. It was started by Dave Abouav ( as a way to save time when he was teaching night school. Email Dave if you're interested in contributing to Flubaroo. Also, use the navigation links on the left to learn how to contribute to Flubaroo.

At present, Flubaroo grades ~500 assignments per day.
Its goal is to save teachers time, and offer useful insight into student performance. Teachers send regular feedback that it saves them time, and also allows them to conduct in-class assessments. Search for "flubaroo" on Twitter to see teacher buzz about it. 

Trivia: Flubaroo was originally just a Python script that processed a CSV file, downloaded from the Google Spreadsheet. Its second incarnation, under the name "Flubaroo", was a Google App Engine project (, which was scrapped in favor of using Google Apps Script.