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Monetizing Tools

Policy on Monetizing Tools Hosted on

All tools must be completely free for anyone to install and use. 

That said, there are a few ways that each tool's creator can make some money via showing ads. The policy for this is laid out below:

It's not ok to:
  • Charge for your tool, at install or any other future point.
  • Charge for add-ons, or additional features.
  • Show ads within the tool itself. Examples of this:
    • Showing ads in a mobile app or desktop app.
    • Showing ads on a web-based tool.
It's allowed for a tool's creator to:
  • Show family-safe ads on any website that discusses the tool (even if hosted on An example of this are the AdSense ads on
    • Note #1: Showing ads on the tool's primary homepage is not recommended, as it may impact its perceived value.
    • Note #2: While ads can be shown alongside instructional comment, inserting ads in the middle of instructional content is strongly discouraged.
  • Show short, family-safe text or video ads within the tool's instructional videos (e.g. YouTube in-video ads).
  • Have a "tip jar" or donate button on your tool's primary website.